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Welcome to Digitalink Patreon page!

This Patreon page created for supporting Digitalink YouTubeChannel and Sketchbook. With your help all this goals come true and you can take awesome rewards. Exclusive drawings, PDF, Brushes, Prints, and more.

Goals: --------------------------------------------------
Digitalink vol.1 Sketchbook

PDF version - 100$ per video
Print version - 300$ per video
Digitalink vol.2 Sketchbook

PDF version - 400$ per video
Print version - 600$ per video
Digitalink vol.3 Sketchbook

PDF version - 700$ per video
Print version - 1000$ per video

Let's Create all this awesome books together!

All Reward and other videos you can download from Gumroad. You can find some of my work at Deviant, ArtStation, Virink and other sites, also i have channel on YouTube, subscribe if you like it.
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Digitalink vol.1 Sketchbook PDF version

I will create Digitalink Sketchbook PDF version and all Patrons will receive it.
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