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Digital Score (DS)

Ever since music was notated it has undergone many changes in its symbolic representation. Be it handwritten or printed, every music score has always been bounded to parchment or paper. The digital era opens up a new alternative to the “paper” paradigm, and the interaction between a performer and a score is now open to new and exciting possibilities.

Digital Score says goodbye to storage limitations and printing, and makes available unheard-of capabilities shared by most apps designed for music reading.

  • Carry all your music (possibly over a ton of paper) in one tablet.
  • Poor light conditions are not a problem anymore (Digital Score is made of "light").
  • Hands-free page turns with a Bluetooth pedal. Use your hands only for playing!
  • Customized metadata and all sorts of markings are easily performed and allows for total control and organization of the music material.
  • Works including fixed media are rendered as digital synchronized scores (DSS), including music notation and soundwave graphic or spectrogram.

Last but not least Digital Score editorial programme is not just about form; contents are selected masterworks that have not seen a proper modern edition. Also newly written music and arrangements for different instrumental options. The scores can be updated when possible errata are detected and the new corrected version made available online. Occasionally Digital Score might undertake an edition from suggested works made by musicians.

Digital Score will only publish works or arrangements that are public domain, or newly written music when consented by the author with whom potential revenues will be distributed.

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