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About De'Marcus Backstrom

Hello Everyone,

My name is Demarcus Backstrom and I am video game Designer and Graphic Designer. I do go by DigitD. I would like to welcome you guys to patreon page. It is all about the things I love to do and to make. As you read in the first sentence I make video games and graphic design Work. I do video game reviews and each one is in depth. I put tons of hours into playing and beating video games and I want to share my opinion with everyone. I live by myself, and do work a job. That job is not what I really want to do. I want to create and do this as my living.

Making videos are easy and hard, you have do a lot things to get in front of the camera. I do graphic design work, like making custom t-shirts, banners, business cards, and many more. I want to make you guys awesome and compelling reviews for video games. I want to show everyone my awesome graphics I can make in my videos. I want to show everyone the things I know I can do.

The reason why I started a patreon page is because I want do more with my life. I want to keep making awesome content for you guys. Like getting better equipment for reviews, getting consoles for the games, and getting software or programs needed to make these awesome videos. I want to do this full time and to do that I can make it and turns this into living and will provide the best content I can muster. This is my passion, I am a creator and I have something to offer for everyone. I do have a YouTube page but that is not going anywhere. I will put fun videos on there and I would like to get further with YouTube but they change so much now it to different. I want patreon page to be my official page for all my review videos.

For being my patron and I can achieve the best, and in return I give out awesome content. Awesome video game reviews, Shout out on my page for everyone who joins my community. Exclusive chat with me on discord,playing games with me, become a special guest with me on my video game review, and many many more! I also can teach, what I know how to do it, so if you want to do it yourself you can.

So join my community and get access to my video game reviews, and other cool content that I will make.

Side Note "Dying Light Review, Moon Hunters Review, Final Fantasy XIII Review, Snipper clips Review, Axiom Verge Review and ones I already did will be free to view! The new ones I will do, will not be free!

Thank You for joining my community!

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