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About Di Hickman

Whether you’re just curious about yoga, or are looking to expand you yoga practice I can help. I'm educated and experienced with all aspects of yoga including asana, philosophy, dharma and meditation. If you have a physical injury, disease or limitation, I am proficient in a modality combining yoga with somatics, called AIM. Through Awareness Integration and Movement my passion to re-educate people to move with ease, and re-connecting to their bodies, heart, mind and breath. 

If you are interested in learning more about your body, about yoga as a whole practice (not just physical asana) I really think you'd be interested in joining my yoga community here on Patreon. Join me and other like minded yogi's on our journey within. Still not sure? With two decades working in health and fitness, over 3000 yoga class hours taught, 500+ educational hours and presenting teacher training/workshops I am passionate about yoga. 

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