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A song not sung, 

is still a song

My name is Stefan Hagen and I am a passionate dilettant. I happen to architect, build, secure, and test software these days and for a living. But there is more to life, isn't it?

Our inner music wants to be made real, manifest itself in sounds sent outward so this music can be heard and shared in an ever changing manner.
Sometimes we only need breathing in, and sing ... sometimes we may need support and people liking what we do. This is where you come into play.

I started singing as a young boy and learned to play guitar, but went on mute sometime during my parental leave ... maybe now is the time to try harder, making my dilettantish musical inner world view really heard on the outside, and make my music again and it might be loud - who knows, if I do not try?

What I love about music, is actually two things: Music always begins and ends - like our life. Compared to houses and paintings, we do not have to remove music after it has ended - it goes into this nothing, it came from. Most times, I like that! But for sharing, a vinyl record is really quite something I enjoy for more than 30 years now.

First music project is  ...

Recording, pressing and independently releasing my first full-length record to vinyl.


I have been working over many years on my interpretation of selected works from Johann Sebastian Bach, Leo Brouwer, and Pierre Lerich which I plan to record now.

The short list for the record is currently as follows:
  • L. Brouwer - Estudios Sencillos No. 1 - 12
  • P. Lerich - Six Préludes pour guitare
  • L. Brouwer - Elogio de la Danza
  • J. S. Bach - Two part Invention No. 1 in C Major BWV 772
  • L. Brouwer - Zapateo

The Guitar

It is a family tradition to support Women in finding their own place in the working world, and in December I searched and found a woman building guitars: Susanna Schulz, Berlin, Germany.

All pieces will be recorded uncut and possibly live on a Tanhuser guitar which is currently built by the very talented guitar builder Susanna Schulz in Berlin.
This custom build guitar "Maximiliane Wolke" is scheduled to be completed in late summer this year.
I am so excited, as this is my first custom guitar and I played for 30 years on a 300 Euro guitar of factory provenience.


I started contacting publishers and composers, to ensure the proper attribution is paid and where required permission is given, so I can perform all pieces publicly.

It would be great, to record, mix, and master the recordings not all by myself at home, but this induces costs.
The new guitar also has a price tag, so another part of the music making, where support is very welcome.

This is My Label

My dog and me enjoy when I play at home, but maybe you would also like to listen to the music I make?

Become a part of my label - there are more projects ahead, this first vinyl recording is only the first step of a half century old man. Many more pieces of my music await being played ...

Next steps I assume will be producing my own music, interpret other music also from Jazz and Pop, and this might mean I start singing again - you have been warned - we only live once :-) #stillPaintingNosesInWhatWasFormerlyKnownAsSmileys

Why practice ... ? Well, practice music, means make music to me - our living label will also include monthly live practicing sessions or hangouts.


So if you come aboard: Welcome! ... if not, thank you for taking the time to read.

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Wow! A patron supports my endeavour - I can start to offer the live-streams of practice sessions.
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