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My name is Alice Creek and I will be using this Patreon campaign as a means of advertising and distributing my writing. Primarily, this will be media reviews - though I may occasionally finish and release some small works of interactive fiction. The reviews will be mostly of indie games, with the occasional foray into movies or books I believe are relevant to my audience. 

This Patreon will serve the purpose of keeping me in food and minor utilities while I search for more gainful employment. Thank you for your time. 

My work can be found collected on my steam review (if the game is on steam) page, and will be posted here publically when I write a new one. 
$100 – reached! per month
Every other week I will do a stream - either playing something I'm knowledgeable about and talking about it, or just getting a bunch of friends together and playing some weird, old, or otherwise forgotten games. 
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