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With this tier u have access to my usual type of photos like sky's some people in their everyday setting maybe even some mates and pictures of my beautiful city , and rarely different country's. <3Buying this tier would help a lot because the more people that can offer their support the better photos i will be presenting.

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With this tier u have access to pictures of me and my mates mostly, and more unique photos , some of these photos i will edit for a better effect and will even be good enough to post to my instagram. whatever tier u choose im more than thankful for ur support

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No one will get this tier but its worth the try, These photos will be more for modelling and much more effort put into them, this will also include my xbox one gameplay . This tier is basically anything u want just message me on instgram @dionnefreemann and suggest some things.




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About dionne freeman

Hello my name is Dionne Freeman and Im 14 years old ,
I decided to join Patreon to express what i love most which is photography and to become a model.
I am not a pro photographer and mainly just use my Iphone7 to take pictures but i hope i can still get something out of that , like with the money i gather be able to get a proper photography camera and become better at what i love to do most, and hopefully i can have supporters help my growth and give me that extra boost to succeed my dreams when i finally come towards doing my GCSE's and other important exams. I hope you can help me out and even the tiniest amount of money can take me a long way and ill be the most grateful, and btw most of my posts will be uploaded on instagram on a new photography account that im in the process making ,Thank You.