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I create anything that comes to mind: videos, music, paintings, gadgets, or websites. The internet seems to have little limitations so why should I? It's the Wild Wild Web and I'm just a cowboy.

dipidity is defined as "deep stupidity". Deep stupidity is exactly how I feel about the very nature of the world and myself. I don't know. I just do not know at this point in my journey enough concrete things about myself to really commit to explain to you why I do what I do. Ideas come to my head and they captivate me. In the middle of the day my imaginations will take me prisoner. I am unable to resist the urge to watch them and be with them. I write them all out hoping that is where they will live. However, I have found the only way to free myself from their grasp is to make them come to life allowing them to finally move out on their own. Or maybe my ideas feel the same about me. I am their captor. They bug me until I either make them live or let them die. That being said, my imagination has never had a tight leash. Why would I want such a constraint? With so many boundless opportunities to express myself through different platforms, mediums, genres, and styles it feels unnecessarily binding to pick just one. Even then, I don't have a target audience. I don't really have an agenda either. Honestly right now all I can say is that I just want to expose my sphere of influence to more genuine love, joy, laughter, and thoughts. I am tired of the relentless sales and marketing plaguing every corner of media. I want to be a refuge for those tired of it as well. I am not saying I will never take sponsors, donations, or create merchandise but I am saying that I will always try my best to stay authentic to you and myself. Thank you for reading this and visiting this page, I truly love you and wish you the best for your life.

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