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About Blair Vidakovich

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programming languages - ASM, Lisp
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My name is Blair Vidakovich, and I am a philosopher and a hacker. I have created an account on this socnet (Social Media Network) for the purpose of aiding my work in communist organising and recruiting, philosophical work and electronic hardware hacking.

I     I Am An Organiser

I am first and formost, a communist organiser. I am a member of the revolutionary socialist organisation Socialist Alliance (, and I am currently an elected member of the Sydney Central branch coordinating committee, and the overall organisational National Council.

I spend, all up, over an entire year, doing full-time unpaid work for Socialist Alliance. This is because I believe in the cause of socialism and communism, and want to bring it about.

I am currently involved in organising and building RAFFWU, the new retail and fast food union here in Australia. I am also currently organising the Travel Concessions for International Students campaign here in New South Wales. I have previously stood for public office in the Inner West Council here in Sydney.

I am currently unemployed, so if you would like to help me increase my organising capacity, that would be awesome!!!

II     Hardware Hacking

I am an amateur hardware hacker. I am interested in creating hardware platforms which forward the cause of anti-capitalism.

A     "As Few Transistors as is Necessary"

I wrote this essay, which is a manifesto for returning to a simpler and more open form of personal computing which uses a minimal number of transistors:

A Rationale for a Portable 8-bit Computer

In this essay, I argue that the military-industrial complex now delivers computers to the mass market which are inadequate for the security and moral character of everyday people. I really agree with people like Ted Nelson that the GUI that most major operating systems use is preventing users from having full control of their own hardware. This essay provided the basis for this project, which I submitted for the 2018 Hackaday Prize, which aimed to physically realise the principles of the philosophy that I outlined:

This is a project I believe is very important, and if you would like to see something like this built, because you agree with my philosophy, then perhaps you should become a patron!

B     "Technological Disobedience"

I am in the process of building a 12-bit computer from discrete components. This includes individual transistors and diodes. You can find the Hackaday project here:

As I have written on the project description on Hackaday, this discrete transistor computer aims to show that it is possible to create a reasonably functional 12-bit computer with a (relatively) low number of parts.

This project follows in the footsteps of the famous PDP-8/S, which was the smallest and cheapest commerically available computer when it was released. It was also a masterpiece of engineering, and was not some shoddy gimmick. It combined beautful concepts while still ushering in more democratic access to computing.

This is what I aim to achieve with the RAVEN, of which I only really want to build one model - greater hardware openness and democracy, and education. I aim to make the RAVEN as cheap as possible to build, so other people can copy my plans and follow along.
I aim to avoid as many of the metaphors and idiosyncracies of the x86, 8080, 8088, and 8085 Intel processors. I think they are ugly and incredibly unparsimonious designs, and I was very dismayed to find that the later Malvino Digital Computer Electronics editions cut out large sections of wonderful exploration in the 70s editions for just copying and pasting explanations of Intel x86 CPU architectures.

III     Philosophical Research

I write frequently as extensively on my website,
My writing ranges from Marxist metaphysical philosophy, to political economy, to summaries of famous pamphlets.

A non-exhaustive portfolio of my blogging on my webpage includes:

- An Essay on the Role of Socnets (Social Media) in Communist Organising

- Letters Between Fellow Comrade Philosophers

- Criticism of the Mainstream Media Show MasterChef

- An Articles Published in my Party Newspaper About Right-Wing Think-Tanks

- Long Philosophical Essays About Moral Philosophy

- Economic Analysis of the Australian Car Industry

- A Reduction of Marx's Pamphlet Value Price and Profit to Ten Pages

- A Systematic Hand-Picked Summary of a 10-year Atari 2600 Programming Email List

- Economic Analysis of Government Attacks Against Australian Workers

IV     Indie Video Game Development

I am in the process of coding an Atari 2600 game about the Cuban Revolution. It is a procedurally generate open world game where you walk around the Sierra Maestra and take part in turn-based battle against the fascist Batista Army.

This is currently what the game looks like:

I would love some money incentive to complete the development of this game!

You can find the AtariAge forum thread about my game here:

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