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Shalom, and welcome in Jesus Mighty name. My name is Marieastarr (pronounced Maria Star ) and I serve Jesus Christ and The Heavenly Father with Zeal and a Fierceness for I love Them. My anointed and appointed mission from the Lord is this: To Help Christians Who Want To Start A Business But Don't Know How To Do It, Don't Know Where To Start, Or How To Pursue The Business In A Christian Way. This is just one of my callings because the Lord wants His people to stop being dependent on man for their financial needs and be dependent on Jesus Christ and His Kingdom System. We as TRUE Disciples of Jesus Christ must get off the "World System" of putting our trust in man for our daily needs, and Trust Jesus Christ for all our needs, INCLUDING OUR FINANCES. I will bring to you what you need to know about starting your own business and which businesses that the Lord lead me to so you can stop living in lack, paycheck to paycheck, working just to pay bills and die, and being broke the day you get your check. With that said, welcome and God Bless you and ALWAYS SEEK THE LORD IN ALL THINGS FOR HE WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU. 

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