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As requested by one of our Patreon supporters, we now have a 3rd tier... Oh them elitists... ;)

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About LetsChat Discord Server

If you're reading this, thank you so much for considering donating to LetsChat, our bot development, and the Virtual Private Server (VPS) costs...

I do my best to make the server a fun, welcome place for everyone, and a part of that is the bots that I design. They reduce some basic spam, give a few fun, unique commands to play with, and add personality to our server.

The reason I made this Patreon (after it was suggested to me) was because I currently shoulder the costs to run the bot's VPS host each month - it may not seem like much, but for a college student, it's just one more bill at the end of the month. But with this, I may not have to shoulder the entire cost. In fact, while talking about the possibility of a Patreon for the server, discussion came up of possible Nitro giveaways if I start getting surplus income. As for the Pay-to-Win tier, I figured I'd add it as a "tip" I guess? That or in case people just wanted to show off a fancy elitist role lol

In the end, the choice is entirely up to you...and as long as you enjoy the server, that's all I could ask for.

For those who do donate, the Patreon is set up to automatically role donators with the "Supporters" role, give them access to the #ranked-chat channel, and allow them to post pictures in #general (please use sparingly for others' sake). ;)
If you donate at the Pay-to-Win tier, then there's a mildly interesting easter egg in the server, but it's not that amazing.

As for the "Elitists" $5 role, that's more of like a tipping role (requested by one of our Patreon supporters originally as $10) and it comes with a color voted on by all current Elitists.

Thanks and enjoy the server!
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Lift the burden bot hosting for the month.
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