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Hello! If you've landed here, you must have heard about HubBot. HubBot is was a small side project, but has now become a more focused endeavor! HubBot is a Discord bot, being modeled around user interaction, entertainment, and administrative functions. 

Her commands list isn't quite as big as some of the other bots yet, but, the list of available commands and functions is growing little by little every week! Current features can be found on the website and they're updated more often than not. Currently, most admin functions are supported, such as the usual ban and kick, along with rolepersists, role colour changing, and a warning system. There's a whole slew of entertainment commands (kiss, hug, cuddle, trashwaifu, shoot, poke, etc), some games (rock paper scissors, lyrics test, roulette), and several utility commands.

Patrons get a special role in her support server, and private channels to discuss and suggest new features, and things to improve!

If you would like to add HubBot to your server, you can do so by clicking here!
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Five a month gets us to the point where we can launch our own API service! All $5 a month and higher patrons will be able to make requests for what to add to the API!
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