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After much consideration we have decided to create a Patreon page.  We are looking to get donations to help offset our hosting costs.  Daniel pays around $140ish a month for the podcast out of his own pocket.  These costs include the hosting of the website, the hosting of the audio files, and the monthly cost for adobe creative cloud.

The website is on a VPS server and is around $60 a month.  The audio files are on a separate host that cost's about $30 a month.  And finally we use adobe creative cloud to create all of the art for the show (Photoshop) and it also allows us to edit the show (Audition).  Adobe CC is $50 a month.

The Disgeek Podcast is not in any kind of danger or anything.  We just want to try to get donations so that Daniel can be relived of some of the expence.  This show is not for profit and if we got enough donations that surpass our monthly costs, then the rest would go directly to the show.  Equipment updates, etc.

Please considering making a monthly donation of $5 or more (or less).  Every little bit helps.

Thank you for listening!    
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