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About DisintegrationStreet

Hey, everybody calls me Swan.  Often people want a commission, but are fine with the piece just being uploaded and not sent to them physically. In that case, why not offer a cheaper price? That's what this Patreon is for.

(How it works:  After pledging for a tier, I'll send you a message thanking and informing you that I'll message again when payments process.  Payments process on the 1st of each month, so at that time I'll message you for your commission.)

If you do want the drawing shipped to your house, then it's better to message me on here or any of my social media and we'll do the commission through Paypal instead of Patreon.

Full price for a shipped 9x12" drawing is----
Head and shoulder:                       $30
1 Full character:                              $40
2+ Group pic:                                   $50+ 10 for each added character
(includes shipping unless you're outside the U.S., in that case add $10)
(All pics are colored, unless requested otherwise)

To check out my older works . . . . .
Tumblr - http://brendenswan.tumblr.com
Deviantart- https://disintegrationstreet.deviantart.com
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Tip Jar
per month

-Thanks for the support! 

Head and Shoulders
per month

-I'll draw a head and shoulders portrait of a character of your choosing.

1 Full Character Drawing
per month

-I'll draw 1 full body (or nearly full body) character of your choosing

2 to 3 Full Character Drawing
per month

-I'll draw a 2 to 3 character group shot of characters of your choosing

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