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About Dismantle Magazine

Dismantle is an online magazine that frames fashion and popular culture as tools for creative identity exploration, activism and social change. Our mission is to foster a community of collaborators and participants working together to explore how fashion and pop culture can help build healthy, creative, inclusive attitudes about appearance and identity; dig into the history, culture, and politics of mass media and the global fashion industry; celebrate sustainable, ethical consumption and production; and become active agents for social change.

As independent outlets for intersectional, feminist analysis are finding it more and more difficult to sustain themselves, there is an urgent need for explorations of fashion and popular culture that fulfill the foundational mission of cultural studies: addressing readers’ ambivalence — their simultaneous pleasure in and need for these things and their understanding that these realms are fraught with inequality; engaging without preaching, patronizing, calling out, or oversimplifying; and instead, offering illustrative examples of how to explore and analyze fashion and media representations in our everyday lives.

We feature the work of professional scholars, activists, artists, and writers alongside that of students and recent grads, in a supportive, collaborative environment. Additionally, we offer content, workshops, courses, and other materials that build bridges between academic and public cultural studies. In short, we see Dismantle as a framework for doing rather than a site for telling.

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