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As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Journalism (with a minor in Women's Studies ... really!), I'm now a retired mainstream journalist, a recovering atheist-socialist-feminist, a homeschooling boymom, a purposeful wife, a faithful Orthodox Christian, and a radical blogger. I go to liturgy, educate the kiddos, spend quality time with the hubs, cuddle with my German Shepherd, run, garden, and camp. I suck at dusting but I'm pretty darn good triggering leftists and neocons. So I research, and I write. My hope is to create blogs with compelling, bold writing. To ask important questions. To challenge the status quo. To embrace open and honest expression. To fight for truth with no apologies. And to never, ever stop learning. Please join me on this thought-provoking and lively rhetorical adventure. Your support is greatly appreciated. Here's to smashing sacred cows with a bang, not a whimper! Or in the words of the immortal Stonewall Jackson, "Forward and show them the bayonet!"
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If you like my work, pledges help motivate me to keep on blogging. I do love what I what do, but as a homeschool mom of three boys and the domestic manager of my family, time is tight. Obviously, economic incentives help in lighting a fire under me when prioritizing my many jobs.
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