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About Dissidia

Dissidia (Final Fantasy) is the ultimate game for a Final Fantasy fan. Bold statement, I know. But it's true! It may not up to everyone's taste—however—the game offers so much in terms of content that it should be satisfying for a wide range of fans.

It takes characters from most installments and pits them against each other in a competitive manner. A lot of those characters saw their three-dimensional iterations for the first time ever thanks to this wonderful fanservice game. It was jaw-dropping to see what were once only sprites or low poly 3D models now reborn as elaborate representations of characters from past eras.

I myself was primarily a PlayStation 1 era Final Fantasy fan, and while I did play through every FF game, I truly cared for and praised only a few out of the entire series. It's thanks to Dissidia that I came to really appreciate pretty much every single FF. Where my favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy VIII, in the original DFF I mainly played Cloud of Darkness. In Duodecim, I played Kain!

Dissidia did an absolutely wonderful and amazing thing for Final Fantasy fans. It allowed them to express their fandom in a multitude of ways, though primarily competitively—which was hardly available before (PVP in MMOs, speedrun competitions and other various player-made challenges).

The game, the series, will forever live on because of its fanservice strength. As PS3, and adhoc Party along with it, weakened in activity, a PSP emulator popped up, giving the game a new, possibly everlasting, life. Now there's also a PS4 Dissidia game in the making, so the series is about to get even more support and a larger playerbase.

About Dissidia Network

DISSIDIA network is a network of fansites dedicated to the Dissidia series. Calling the network just "Dissidia" is intentionally made so as to be open to any and all kind of things that come out under the name.

DISSIDIA network currently consists of:
  • dissidia.community — site dedicated to the Dissidia community; for people to converse about various topics on a Dissidia-themed messaging board. In the age of social media, the flavor that fansites provide to the user is lost — all communities are generally unified under one design. DC offers an environment centered around Dissidia and Final Fantasy and it shows that in its design. For example, you can supplement your communication to fellow fans with special Dissidia emoticons.
  • dissidia.info — an archive of the most important Dissidia news.
  • dissidia.wiki — under construction, this wiki is a long term project that will aim to be the Dissidia encyclopedia. An independent Dissidia wiki is important due to its lightweight design.

About this Patreon

I created this Patreon in hope to get support for what I did, what I do and what I will continue to do for Dissidia. I've been creating Dissidia content since 2009 and still haven't stopped—Dissidia is truly my passion.

By becoming a patron, you're supporting both the Dissidia community and me as a content creator, allowing me to invest even more of myself as this project grows.
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