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At Distant Goblin Productions we endeavor to tell stories that transcend time and space. Stories about characters that may live on a distant planet, or in a distant time, but think and feel, hope and love, struggle and dream as we do. We strive to bring a sense of realism into the science fiction/fantasy genre, and tell stories deeply inspired by the human condition, even if they are not about human characters.

Why Patreon?

While we will be fundraising for our larger scale projects separately, we require funds to operate and develop smaller more frequent content. Patreon allows us the opportunity to have a steady and reliable income and eventually will enable us to focus full-time on the work we are creating.  As our operating funds grow, we will be able to purchase better equipment, bring in more filmmakers to help us with our projects, and even one day, to work out of our own production office and studio.

What are we creating?

We are currently developing multiple projects including a feature film and several web series. In addition to these projects, we plan to document the filmmaking process, providing concept art, audition tapes, and exclusive behind the scenes footage.  Our goal is to keep our patrons up to date with our work, and feel involved in the filmmaking process.

Immortal (web series) a coming of age story about a girl who may never age.
A young girl learns that she will stop aging and live forever, and deals with the consequences of her new found immortality, and of attending high school.  This is a sci-fi high school drama exploring the courage to continue to pick yourself up when life tears you down.
Season 1 (in development) Ten minute episodes

Shadow Land (web series) 
A search for light in a world of darkness.
A prince of darkness and a warrior of light fall in love, and struggle to be together in an unaccepting world of black and white. This is a highly stylized fantasy that asks if love is strong enough to overcome the resentment and mistrust of the past.
Season 1 (in development) Ten minute episodes

A Wizard's Duty (feature film) A discovery of magic in the least likely of places.
A young wizard who struggles with magic is sent to mediate a peace between the war-torn races of Elves and Dwarves. This is a feature length epic fantasy that follows a young man who discovers that his greatest power stems from compassion, empathy, and the urge to help others.

Why Should you Pledge?

  • Because you want to see our projects get made.
  • Because Gibby is the cutest Goblinaut you've ever seen.
  • Because you want to support a couple of artists.
  • Because you are a time traveler from the future and you know what is coming.
  • Because for the price of a cup of coffee a day, a week, or a month, you can help make our dreams come true.
  • Because there are not enough science fiction/fantasy stories out there.
  • Because you love us.
  • Because you are tired of watching cats dressed up like humans dancing on YouTube to Beyonce.
  • Because you want to see more character driven stories.
  • Because you enjoyed our previous work. (See below if you haven't seen it)
  • Because, seriously, have you seen Gibby? Adorable!

Who are We?

Distant Goblin Productions is a production company co-founded by Tom Etlinger and Josh Cha located in Burbank, Ca.

Tom Etlinger hails from Palos Park, a small suburb of Chicago IL. Tom earned a BA in Theatre from the University of Illinois Chicago, and an MFA in film making from the New York Film Academy. Tom has worked in almost every capacity on set, and has written, directed, and produced a variety of projects. The most recent of these include Mental, a drama exploring the nature of reality and the power of helping others, Alone in the Dark, a musical fantasy about an abandoned creature, isolated from the world, and his search for love, and The Brute Killer, a short fantasy film, featuring a ten foot tall alien, that explores the nature of hate, and the lasting effect it can have, even after it's gone.

Josh Cha grew up in the town of Price, UT.  He received his BS in Theatre from Southern Utah University.  He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking.  Over the course of the last six years Josh has worked for both the Academy awards and the Emmy's, as well as acted in and crewed for multiple independent film projects.

Below are a couple examples of short films that we have produced.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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