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About Agizta

Hi I'm Agizta, game developer, I'm creating games using Godot.
I made my own game without a team, without a business entity, and I was new to this.
I started making games because I like game & programming.

First, I apologize, I am not fluent in English, so my English skills are very bad, I am Indonesian.
I have to translate all my writing using google translate, really a bad idea.

What experience do you have?

honestly I don't have the slightest experience in making games, marketing games.

So why create a Patreon account, what do you expect?

I made this account because for several times I made the game I never completed, because of that I needed encouragement to be able to create good games, which not only I myself enjoyed it.

What kind of game do you make?

I thought for the first time it seemed like I would make a text-based game, but because I wasn't fluent in English, it might reduce the use of long stories.
$0 of $500 per month
At this level I will recruit a number of artists to help me complete the making of my game, so that more people are faster in making games.
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