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About DistrictSpark

Hi, and thanks for stopping by! I've set up this Patreon for those looking to support me as I work to grow our community 😁

I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember, some of my earliest memories are playing on the 'portable computer' my dad would bring home from work (it had a black and green screen, and a 'detachable' keyboard). With the rise of the streamer, and changes in my life, I'm trying to focus on more 'me time' and less 'working day and night', and I thought I should put that passion to work, and spend some of my time having fun with people like you!

I haven't worked out exactly what this community will be, and part of that will be getting your input on what you think we should do. There will certainly be access to private Pack (patreon/subscriber) discord channel, and maybe there will be some merch, or stickers or something in the future.

Thanks for joining my Pack, I'm so glad you can be here with us for this journey.