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Every dollar counts, so thank you!
  • Patreon exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and short vids from time to time. Your voice on what I do matters! <3
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  • Patreon exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and short vids from time to time. Your voice on what I do matters! <3
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  • Patreon exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and short vids from time to time. Your voice on what I do matters! <3
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About Cierra

Whatever I received through Patreon would be the only aid (currently) that keeps Ditching Adulthood running, and would allow me to up my content creation, experience awesome events to document and share for you guys, invest back into the blog, and more...

Cause you know... Most things involve money.

I'd be forever grateful for any amount!

Okay, okay... But what exactly will this money be going toward??

I stay at home with my mom and family, and help out my mom a lot (which I don't mind at all!)! But I also don't have a car, nor live the best neighborhood to walk anywhere, or take the bus comfortably.

So the only thing I have going for me is my blog, and the budding business I'd love to create from it!

Being my patron would help me:
  • Help me save for a new laptop.
  • Pay for my self-hosting (it'd be great if I could pay a few months in advance!).
  • Pay for business cards (when I know for sure what to label myself for them).
  • Help me buy a piece of merch or two, to wear in videos, etc. to get merch exposure.
  • Buy things like subscription boxes, branded items for photography, etc.
  • Afford to upgrade some services I use (like if I wanted to make a free or paid ecourse, it costs $10 a month to upgrade for the automation feature... Or if I wanted to sell a bundle, I need to pay $10/month for using DPD services).
  • Etc.

My Most Urgent Money Need (and Why It Helps the Cause and Me)

My biggest "etc." issue right now is getting enough money for my trip to South Korea at the end of August. I still need money to buy things like a converter for my electronics, toiletries, and money for the two weeks I'm there (as well as the 24+ hours I'll be traveling to get there... 13-hour Shanghai layover, yeah!).

I'd love to share as much as I can about the trip, and how traveling is as a WHOLE for new travelers, so they can feel less anxious about traveling (since it's my first time on a plane since I was about 3).

This would involve getting some supplies I need, and very few supplies I'd like to get  (but don't NEED need like those blood clot-preventing socks and a calming oil for turbulence) so I can share my experience with them to my readers as well.

And that all involves money.
But right now I have absolutely no income, and have been working on figuring out ways to make money from home before what's left in my account that's holding up the online Ditching Adulthood space dwindles to zero.

I feel a little held back though as it continues to dwindle... because it's dwindling! 

ANY help I receive from you guys--whether you share my Patreon page or contribute monetarily--would be a blessing, and helps keep Ditching Adulthood (and myself) up and running for you guys!

$0 of $150 per month

Anything raised for my trip will truly put my mind at ease as I spend over 24 hours traveling to South Korea (I have a 13-hour layover in Shanghai), the two weeks I'll be there, and back. =D

I'll also be able to buy the rest of what I need for my trip like mosquito spray, travel bottles, toiletries, converter, etc. And be able to have experiences to share with you all on the blog for when I return!

I currently have less than $200 saved up, and have no income that can go toward this trip. My ULTIMATE goal is 300, but baby steps! =)
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