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My name is Ryan Mahle (pronounced MAY-LEE), and I was born and raised in Marion, Ohio. Gratefully, I grew up with a lot of close friends--friends whose houses I could walk into unannounced and sometimes stay at even if no one was there, just watching TV and eating their food. I loved it! My friends and I spent a lot of time together, and would often get in deep discussions (as deep as you can get for a bunch of adolescent dudes bro science-ing their way through puberty). One thing that’s a big part of me is that kid still attempting to make sense of his reality.

I graduated with honors from high school, I got the college degree (after flunking out for having wayyyyyyyy to much fun at BGSU) and then I got the corporate job. By the time I got that salaried position and was living comfortably in Columbus, Ohio, I was numb. I was overweight, unmotivated, cynical, and lazy. Still, I was grateful for the friendships I had maintained through the different stages of my life. And I realized the importance of those relationships were what helped me grow, and taught me a lot about myself. I had also realized I needed to try something different. So, with a ton of support from my wife, we decided to move from Ohio to San Diego!

**Actual conversation**….
Me: You know how we talked about moving to Charlotte, NC so we’d be an hour from the mountains and 2 hours from the beach?
Her: Yeah
Me: Well, Scooter (mutual friend) lives in San Diego, and he’s 15 minutes from the beach and 20 minutes from the mountains….wanna move to San Diego instead?
Her: *pauses for about 10 seconds and looks at me and says*….Yes.

But life really does come at you fast. Within three months, in 2015, my dad passed away from esophageal cancer, I got married (it was unfortunately after my dad passed), and my wife and I had moved across the country to San Diego!

All the emotions that could possibly happen….HAPPENED!

And again within three months, in 2017, I was terminated from my job, started a podcast, and my mom passed from multiple myeloma (cancer) a week and a half before Christmas. I would not have mentally survived those traumatic and drastic changes without close, deep and meaningful interactions with others. When I think about the most frustrating times in my life, they have been during times of disconnect from people, and that is something I want to be sure I never experience again. This is why I do my podcast! It makes me feel connected to the world. We’ve all had different experiences, and we all have different perspectives but I also believe we have a lot in common.

If we can get back to a place of deep discussion and have a willingness to be vulnerable, I believe lives can change. That is my goal when I have these discussions. I genuinely enjoy the interactions, and I feel myself grow as a person each and every time. I appreciate all my guests being willing and courageous enough to put their lives out in a world where judgment is so common. And even though I may never get to talk directly to you I want to invite you to join me as I dive deep into discussions with the hope that you're inspired to take a look inward as well, and evaluate the quality of the relationships in your life.

So, be that curious kid with me trying to make sense of his reality. Life’s too short to fill it with pointless bullshit. There is a lot of good in people, love will always win, and we can all progress better: one quality discussion at a time!

~ When was the last time you really got to know someone? ~

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