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About En

Since 2014, I’ve run a fan blog that features vast redesigns and reinterpretation of the Star Trek franchise. Designed from a perspective on the intersection of culture and narrative, the blog also dances around speculative biology. It’s an exploration into the legacy Star Trek has created, taking the philosophical ideas from the show - infinite diversity - and applying them visually and narratively. It’s a labour of true love and passion.

The short of it; I draw non-human aliens goofing around with human friends in a beautiful future, and I talk about things like what those aliens like to eat and how they get around.

40+ alien species have been redesigned to date, spanning every single iteration of the Star Trek television show (including The Animated Series, and also including some of the movies). You can find out all about them on the site, as well as filter by your favourite shows or characters, or look at bonus content such as crossovers with other franchises. And even if after that you don't really like the redesigned aliens, there's even Prime Universe-based artwork and stories for you to enjoy!

This patreon campaign is for web hosting fees! Unfortunately the blog has not only outgrown previous platforms, but no single form of third party blogging/social media platform is suitable for what this blog has grown into. It is now a wealth of information and artwork that needs a dedicated space. I have concluded that the way forward is to host the blog myself, so that I can tailor the experience and improve it! I need your help with this: to upgrade my hosting will increase my bill over 200%. By supporting my patreon, you’ll be helping to give the blog a new permanent home and keep it online!

There are other benefits too. Every month, patrons (of any tier) are able to vote on the subject of a monthly patron-sponsored artwork! $5 tier patrons are even able to help decide what the subject might be.

Viewing the blog will always be free, as will sending messages/questions in to be answered!
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