is creating more diversity and inclusivity in STEM! (Media & Workshops!)

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We need $$ to:
  • spread the word about current diversity in STEM in the hope to further it,
  • take STEM workshops to kids.
  • Instagram!
  • Website!

The detailed version
We're a group of physics graduates, and you know what we've noticed?
Famous physicists are predominantly men - straight, white, non-disabled men: Albert Einstein, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman. Now there's noting wrong with that, and a pat on the back to them, but we want to see a more diverse and inclusive representation of people in STEM in the media. (If you didn't know, STEM is 'Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths'.)

How can we do that, you ask?
Well through social media silly!
We will post regular interviews and snippets of the lives of people who study and work in STEM fields. We are based in a few different locations in the world too, so we have LISTS of people we want to interview!

The other venture we want to follow is the running of workshops by a diverse group of STEM students. In these workshops we would demonstrate awesome STEM concepts to children at school, in after-school clubs, at fairs etc. to inspire them and to show how diverse and inclusive we in STEM are.

So, thank you for checking out our page. If you're here, you're probably interested in diversity and inclusion, and hopefully willing to help us make a difference!

Our first step is funding our own website URL.
We then want to expand! We're currently based in English speaking countries - we want more contributors from different languages, countries and cultures!

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To support a web domain!
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