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About Divine Guidance

Who am I?
I am a divine guidance success coach, I'm a healer and an intuitive, I am a woman.
What do I do?
Helping you to connect with the constant abundant flow of Divine Guidance and materialize the personal relationships and financial opportunities of your dreams.
Fulfilling, meaningful life is our divine right and if you don’t have it – it’s because you are not in alignment vibrationally with what you want and you allow patterns of thoughts, emotions and actions to block your way to the flow of abundance.
Anything you want in life – you can have it. Anything. You just need to activate your connection to Source, clear the blockages and follow the Divine Guidance which leads to the awesome, blissful life of your dreams.
Want to turn your passion into multiple income streams?
I have built multiple successful, profitable, sustainable business empires including: real estate investments, intuitive readings, motivational coaching, stock market portfolio, virtual assistance company, copyrighting services, information marketing, online business mentoring.
The credentials:
I have been coaching and mentoring one-on-one and in groups for the past 11 years. I am a Professional Certified Coach with International Coach Academy, accredited institution with International Coach Federation and have 450+ documented coaching hours. Additionally, I have a BA in Psychology, BA in Economics, over 600 hours in assisting personal development seminars and passion to make a difference in the world, one person at a time.
With practical advise I help people just like you to raise their vibration and do things differently and get the rich, fulfilled life they’ve always dreamed of.