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About Vahr

Welcome to the official Divinitor Patreon page! I'm Vahr, y'all probably know me for my DragonNest blog where I post translated Korean patch notes and other random stuff. I also do a heavy amount of modding, game research/"datamining", and tool development around DragonNest. I hope my works can help you have a better experience, make better decisions, and otherwise make things more fun.

About Divinitor

Divinitor is my personal brand under which I operate and with which all my works are labeled under, as such it isn't actually a "thing" you get/read/use.
Some of the major items under the Divinitor label:

A major focus under the brand is quality and polish - tools and mods should be easy to use, navigate, and manage and I try to maintain a high bar for quality and experiences. I also do my best to provide technical support for players that run into issues with the game.

For more details and information, you can explore the sites, join my Discord, or approach me directly (since I'm in most major DN discords).

Upcoming Projects

Here's a sneak peak at a few upcoming projects besides the existing ones:
  • Athena game patcher
  • Athena game repair tool
  • Project Orion (remote DN on the web)
  • Minerva GearSim
  • Minerva SkillSim


Update: I have some premium features now! Get monthly costume mods and exclusive cosmetic mods (such as removing motion blur and radial blur) as a token of my appreciation for your support!

I'm currently exploring ideas on adding premium content. Frankly speaking, it is a difficult choice to make - I've always been inclined to release my works for free. Right now, there are no premium benefits. I am considering adding premium content/mods/access/features in the near future, however core features, most mods, and information will remain free.

Why am I considering premium? Many of these reasons are similar to those that Burrito has for DNModder (totally check his page out and support him too):

  1. Figuring things out from very little published information is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of skill (most of DNs file formats are poorly understood and documented or not even touched). Certain file formats have literally taken me a year to understand (staring directly at you, ACT files) with many more that are still in-progress.
  2. Writing all the code for the tools, services, etc takes time and skill
  3. Running servers (to host the blog, Minerva, support services for Athena, etc) costs money
  4. Game updates break things that I have to update with every patch
  5. Graphic design and artwork, 'nuff said there
  6. Many other games have varying levels of paid mods or subscriptions
  7. Lots of people have asked/suggested that I set up a Patreon

Thank-yous and donations mean a lot to me and go a long way in helping provide the best services I can provide. If you've donated to me in the past or are considering it now, a thousand thank-yous (and hopefully soon something premium to show for it! Workin on it)

Recent posts by Vahr

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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