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(-_-) I start listening to EDM in 2007 .. I grow up in a small village; no internet, no MTV nor FM ... wen i was 15, I hear about Hip-Hop (the beat, the instrument with that magical scratch !! wow .. that was amazing) .. but, I NEED BANGING KICK ... i went to the next city, to music-CD shop and i asked for a style have that regular kick (house kick) I don't even know what style is that @ that time (I just make the sound with my own voice .. Dow Dow Dow_-! .. Unfortunately, I didn't found what i want. one day my sister broth me an MP4 player .. I found in it a picture, video and a Hardstyle Track_-! GOD ALMIGHTY ! :o .. \o/ .. I need to know what style is that !!?? I went to my friend StePhunk and I asked him : "did you know something about this music !! He said : " Dude, are you kidding ? Hell yeah ;) " and I begged him to bring me a CD .. next week a CD full of EDM ... :) my favorite track at that moment was "benny benassi - bring the noise (Pump-kin remix) . This is my story with EDM (-_-)

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