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Hello everyone!

I'm Djarii! I'm an enthusiastic enthusiast of MANY various things! You will find me daily streaming live over at as well as releasing YouTube videos every 2 days that cover all my favourite things. Gaming, make-up, digital art, travelling and so much more. If you haven't been introduced to me yet, I implore you to say hi in my channel - I make an effort to be as interactive with you guys as I can!


An Introduction to Patreon

Since you're here, let me welcome to my Patreon page! For those of you who have no idea what Patreon actually is, it's a service that content creators can use to earn a little bit extra each month to support themselves while also achieving goals!

I have had several long thoughts about how I want to approach Patreon, I've seen time after time greedy content creators putting up absurd paywalls, and while I've done that in the past, I have decided no more. 

If you decide to pledge your hard-earned money then know that I am extremely grateful and it goes without saying that your support means the world to me. It's no small thing when I say to you all that this is my absolute dream, and I live it, because of you.

I would also implore you to pledge to my best friend Hamoth instead who spends his time with me, supporting and creating content.


Keep reading if you want to see the crazy things we get up to...

Most people will know me as a World of Warcraft streamer, but really my origins go much farther back than that! I'm been playing video games since my N64 and Gameboy and I haven't quit yet.

My content creating career began making videos with Hamoth. Here's some special highlights of that for you all to enjoy. (Please subscribe to him too, he's a star!) All credit goes to him for editing.

For 350 Twitch subscribers we celebrated with a Blood Elf cosplay! I'd love to create more cosplays in the future, this one was a lot of fun & we even hit 470k viewers on Imgur!

But sometimes though...

Uhh yeah. That's a little awkward!

I mentioned earlier that I really enjoyed Art & Design - I studied it actually. I even dabbled in some art on stream too! I'm always keen to try something new and fun so check out the speedpaint photo-study that we drew LIVE!

I want you guys to all remember me as the person who was a little bit different from what you expected, be that in the way I act, the way I look or the things I get up to. I will continue to try my best to entertain you all and provide the best content that you deserve.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.
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You guys are nuts.
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