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  • 1 60 minute high quality mp3 download fom my catalogue..
  • access to my patreon activity feed where I'll be posting demos of new songs, unreleased videos and other exclusive content that only patrons have access to.
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Welcome to DJ OPALS Patreon page!
Hello Patreon family.
 I.m excited on having this opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for music with you!  Since 1988 I have had the privilege  to DJ at college and commercial radio, nightclubs, and internet radio.  I've seen the  positive impact that my DJ mixes have on people and I can't wait to share them with the Patreon community.

Where does your money go?

Every dollar pledged goes towards making more frequent, better and advanced DJ audio and video mixes (upgrading equipment, traveling for  unique live events or whatever else we come up with. It also helps fund the rewards and interactions here, so we can keep YOU involved in the process!
                                                        Whats in it for you?

As a patron, you can pledge any amount of your choice, and pick a tier of rewards to go with it. Choose from things like:
  • Exclusive audio & video DJ mixes offered exclusively to Patreon pledgers
  • Weekly digital audio DJ mix downloads
  • Your name at the end of each audio & video DJ mix
  • Shout outs during videos
Having the opportunity at selecting a specific genre one time each month.  Examples include (Hip-Hop,R&B,Dancehall,classic breaks & original samples and classic rock) in return I will do a 60 minute audio & video DJ mix exclusively for my Patreons 

Sounds great don't it!  I'm excited at having you join my Patreon family and cannot wait to take you on a musical journey!

***NOTE - how does Patreon work? When you become my patron, you pledge an amount you are happy to support with by episode or monthly. In exchange, I post exclusive regular content & downloadable links to my mix catalogue, as well as EXCLUSIVE & brand new mixes.***

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Purchasing additional audio and video equipment in order to elevate my creative juices in each DJ mix that I produce  for my Patreon audiance.
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