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About DJ Struth Mate

G'day Everyone,

DJ Struth Mate here, How the Bloody Hell are you? 

I'm here to try out Patreon & hopefully gain some new Struth-Lings.

I have a radio show that includes Music, Media, Promotion, Interviews and Shenanigans.

"The DJ Struth Mate Show" has been uploaded to my Mixcloud every week since beginning of 2016 & regularly ends up in the top ranked charts for Indie, Alternative, News & more

* Also uploading to Soundcloud & YouTube

Sharing independent/unsigned musicians & creative people in their respective fields is my goal.

Become a Patron if you want to with a simple dollar a month donation. If not, no biggie.
Happy you took the time to check it out..

This is simply another avenue to connect with people & if you want to help me out a little that would be kick ass

Cheers everyone & catch me here... 
[email protected]

#URock !!! 

$6 of $200 per month
So isn't everyones dream to be able to live off what their passionate about doing/creating?
Well I wish that for you especially & I'm guilty as I hope to some day myself.
For now I'll appreciate any support via Patreon given.
$200/month as a goal is not for living obviously but to invest in software/gear that will improve quality of production.

Basically I have a set-up for recording music, interviews & shenanigans on 'The DJ Struth Mate Show' & thanks to making some wonderful contacts I have been able to share some awesome talent in the fields of Music, Film-making, Acting & more...

To produce shows that gain attention for Independent Music & anyone in various creative fields is my goal.

If more can be accomplished we'll find out. :) 

I thank you for your time & #URock !!!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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