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- Behind-the-scenes look at my current music production (links sent for you to scope my process before the public gets access to the final track)

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DJ Zerp is the nom de plume of husband, father, musician, educator, and lover of life, me, Jason Hart.  Through this branding, I am trying to extend my love of music and creative innovation.

You can experience Zerp's outreach to the community regarding art is through the radio station, Zerp Radio, ( I also have music published on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Amazon Music, Tidal and Deezer.  I also create beats and short instrumental loops for artists to use in producing their own work.  Samples of these can be found on and longer improvised scratch songs at

Creative projects from past, present and future include:  Zerp Breats, Zerp (as musical artist), Zerp (as music producer), Zerp Radio, Zerp Zine (a magazine that supports artists from all creative fields), and of course, DJ Zerp.

If you are a lover of any form of art, and, if you are financially able to, I would love to have your support in my journey of sharing art with the world through various mediums, as well as hopefully inspiring others to follow and complete their creative visions.  I am a lover of all art forms and is a believer that EVERYONE is an artist - even the person feeling stuck in their 9 to 5 day job.

**Note** Patreon is a MONTHLY subscription fee.  Feel free to cancel anytime.  If you would like to donate one time, you would just need to set yourself a reminder to cancel before the next month's payment is sent.  Also, if all you feel comfortable sending over is $1 per month to assist me in my mission - that's awesome!  :-)

If you are unable to provide financial support my projects - sharing my patreon page on your social media and encouraging others to is just as helpful.  

Thank you so much for your support, be it financial or just helping me spread the word!   

Much love, 


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To be able to fund approximately 1/3 of the cost of running the radio station and to acquire new technology to produce more original content and to assist others in their creative musings.

If I can get 10 people to donate $2 per month - I can do it!  :-)
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