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About Daniel


My name is Daniel. My goal is to provide useful contents that bring real value to the world. One of my directions in life is to maximize the value I bring to the world. I believe this can be naturally achieved by gaining deeper knowledge and skills, and then sharing and providing. There is still a long journey ahead of me, however, I came to the conclusion that I should share and provide as I progress through the journey, starting from what I can do now and to force myself to challenge. Perhaps I am naive to think this way, but I believe one's financial condition is reflective of how much value one brings to the world, therefore, my focus is creating real value. So, you will be the judge in deciding what my value is and I will be using it as a feedback on my performance. 

Thanks for your feedback and support. 
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This may be my first paycheck through the internet. I think that is meaningful. 
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