Sandor - Ham Radio Call DM4DS

is creating Ham Radio Spirit , 3D printings , Laser , things that make fun

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Pluto modification
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Freee Adalm Pluto modification to a 0.5ppm TCXO

Adalm Pluto modification to 0.2ppm TCXO
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Free Adalm Pluto modification to a 0.2ppm TCXO

3D Object - modeling + printing
per month
Thanks for your interest.

If you join with 25$/month, i give my best to make a 3D modell of your idea and PRINT that on the new 3D printer.

Max dimensions: 200x200x200mm (not sure what it is in inches)

Please feal free to contact me before and ask me everything you want!

Hope the transport costs are not higher than the Tier Price :) so please also ask that before. Many thanks




per month


Update 1. May , 2018

cause of the big change, i decided to start new from scratch with this Patreon Account here.
Many thanks to all Patreons on the "old" account, for your support. Many things only happend with you and while you! Many many thanks.

But this one, i hope, also opens some new channels and interests. As always: I try my best and every little thing helps, a lot!

First we look forward to bring the Red Pitaya Project to an end. The PCB Boards are already finished and the first pictures are near! The perfect PCBs we try to produce over a PCB-Pool, double sided, more perfect as we can do that with  iron3chlorid at home.

After that, i hope the 3D Printer arrives and we can go with that.

Thank you for joining!
Your welcome


PS: You can find me also on steemit @bullett , if you like the decentralized idea behind it and support me there. registered there new, so possible not much content when you look, come back later. Thanks
$0 of $100 per month
The first step!

Buying a new Logitech Webcam to produce more YouTube / Patreon Videos, everybody likes so much.

Now you say: Why he needs 100$ for that from patreons. Its cheap and when he wants our money he has to buy it first and give us content and then we give him money. You are right, but i don´t have the money to spend that for a camera, yet. I only can spend money, patreons spend for these extra content. my financial limits are reached with my daily problems... (hope my english is good enough to transport the right message)

At the moment i only have a old noname one with mx resolution 640x480px. Thats nothing in todays world.

So many thanks for make it possible!
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