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What's up, y'all, Toomas here.

It soon will be a year since I created a web based tool, called DML Planner, to help me plan for opening up those costly temple levels in Dragon Mania Legends. I knew there had to be other players in the same conundrum, so I made the tool publicly available for everybody.

The community response so far has been very positive and encouraging, with people actively throwing out ideas on what to create or improve next. That awesome feedback loop has been the source of all this energy to continue on maintaining and developing DML Planner further.

Then suddenly one of the Gameloft forum's senior members, Of10na, suggested me to set up a crowdfunding page so that people actively using DML Planner would have a possibility to contribute towards the development.

So here it is! Money earned via Patreon will be used to help cover the server related costs.
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