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About dnash

i have been blessed my entire life to be able to survive as an artist.  it's been on the meager end of things, but survival none the less, and every moment of it has been an experience to say the least :-)

as i shift my focus BACK towards music again after many years of creating smiles as a professional dental effects artist (www.teethbydnash.com), i have been urged by a number of people to actually put my "cup" out there and make available a place for those of you who would like to support my original music.  

i am currently finishing production on an album that has taken decades to breath life into.  i am very proud of what i'll be sharing with you, and most of it will be offered for free.  if you happen to find value in what i share with you and you wish to express it to me, there are many ways, but Patreon is a way to do so financially.

i have been so blessed to have the support of thousands of people from all over the world during my life as an artist.  i pray that support continues as i move into my "natural calling" phase, lol.

<3 d. :-)