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per zine release!
I will whisper your name to my choice of my various cuddly toys.
per zine release!
I will send you a photograph of my foot via email. You choose left or right, and I will take one at some point as I go about my day. Each photo will be unique, although it might be similar to others because my feet are relatively unchanging.
per zine release!
I will write your name on a page of an upcoming zine.




per zine release!


I'm the creator of dont read this zine, the critically acclaimed zine. I will use the money for basic human necessities and that will mean I am less stressed about money and more able to actually live and then I can spend more time making good + cool zines for everyone to read. I might also do some other stuff, like comics & videos!

The rewards are one-time bonuses I'm afraid. When the first zine is released after you pledge, that's when you get your reward. I'm sorry :(
$3 of $5 per zine release!
Each zine will have 1 or more pages guaranteed to be in colour. While black & white suits the aesthetic of a lot of my pages, I will use my other coloured markers for you.
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