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  • HD Wallpaper Photos: You will receive 2 downloadable HD cosplay wallpaper photos! (One will be portrait layout for mobile use, and one will be in landscape layout for desktop use.) 
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  • WIP Photos: You will have access to exclusive WIP photos for my cosplays and my art/gijinka designs!
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  • Cosplay Tips Voting: You will be able to vote in polls to help me decide on which "Dolphinz Cosplay Tips" to upload next!
  • Gijinka Design Voting: You will be able to vote in polls to help me decide on themes, characters, aesthetics, etc. for my upcoming art and design projects!
  • Photoshoot Voting: You will be able to vote in polls to help me choose what Patron-exclusive photoshoots you'd like to see! A small album of photos from these shoots will be uploaded for you all to enjoy, and they will also be included in upcoming prints and downloadables! 
  • Discount Codes: You will receive a 30% off discount code for my store! The code will be usable for any item.
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About Dolphinz514

Hello everyone! :) My name is Kelsey, and I am a cosplayer, YouTuber, and artist.
I have been cosplaying since 2010, and there are many things about cosplay that I am still learning to this day! With this Patreon, I hope to bring not only entertaining content to my YouTube, but content that is also helpful and motivational! For as long as I can remember, I've always felt so much happiness helping and working together with other people. And that's where y'all come in! With support from you patrons, I can provide just the content that you all are looking for, and that we think the cosplay community is needing. While they will be geared slightly more towards those new in the cosplay world, I plan on creating content that will provide encouragement and inspiration to all people in the community! And with Patreon, I'll be able to dedicate my full time and energy into doing just that.

What exactly is this content? Well, it varies! Since I'm focusing my channels and Patreon to different forms of hobbies and creativity, there are a few different categories of content you can see from me!

Cosplay: For cosplay, not only will I be creating costumes, but videos, breakdowns, and prints based around those cosplays. These videos include: worklogs, tutorials, tips and tricks, con vlogs, photoshoot vlogs, and behind the scenes work-in-progress videos! Some of these videos will be public on my YouTube, while the others will be private for patrons! Prints and all breakdowns (step-by-step, full list of materials, detailed work and progress photos - in the form of a PDF) will also be rewards for some tiers (and for sale in my Storenvy). Patrons will also be able to see WIP photos and vote in polls for what Patreon-secret cosplays (that will be shown to the public after completion) they'd like to see me create! They will also be able to participate in polls helping me decide which videos to upload and what content to create next!

Designs/Artwork: As an artist, one of my favorite ways to express my creativity is by designing gijinkas and AU artwork! While the final products will be revealed to the public, patrons will be able to vote on what designs they want to see next, as well as seeing all of the progress photos for those, too! Aside from designing gijinkas and AUs, I thoroughly enjoy creating fan art and original work! Some tiers will receive a discount code for my store, where these prints will be sold.

Streaming: With support from patrons, I will be able to also dedicate more time to streaming on Twitch, so that I can interact more with you guys! Patrons will also be able to hang out with me on a Patreon-private stream, that can involve me working on secret cosplay work, or just a simple Q&A!

But where is the money going? Support from patrons will allow me to dedicate more time, materials, supplies, and equipment that will be used to create my content. This could be materials for a cosplay or a design project, equipment for my room to provide better quality videos, or even new supplies when mine are needing to be replaced.

I am a full-time student, so I am unable to work full time, as I am busy enough with homework and working towards my degree. However, my husband is working full-time, and we are fortunate enough to support ourselves with his income. I am using other ways (commission work for example) to provide funds for my content creation. This being said, no money from patrons will be used to pay for bills, rent, tuition, etc (unless this Patreon ends up becoming my main source of income, replacing that of a full-time job). If that time comes, I will update and address the changes then. 

All being said, this is your money that you are supporting me with. If there are any questions or concerns that you have in regards to this, do not hesitate to send me a private message! (You can do so by sending a message to me here on Patreon, on Twitter, or via email.)

Are my goals something that will go towards patrons as well? You bet! Some of them are goals that will initially allow me to purchase a piece of equipment, while others will provide monthly to quarterly projects. This means that in turn, everything will go towards more content for you guys!

The goals will be based on certain amount reached as I gain more patrons and support. Once a specific goal is reached, I'll host a private livestream to celebrate with and thank you all personally! As we are close to meeting the highest goal, I'll update with more goals after that, as well as discuss with you all what content you'd like to see in the future.

That is all I have to say for now! Thank you all so incredibly much for supporting me or just even checking out my Patreon! Because of your support, I'm able to dedicate time of my life to creating this content and to experience so many new things with you all; something I am not able to do that often due to the time dedicated towards work and school. Thank you all from the bottom of the ocean! <3 
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Studio Lighting & Materials Boost
Reaching this goal will allow me to get proper lighting for my filming and livestreaming! The first month after this goal is reached, I'll be getting materials and lighting necessary to produce better quality videos! In following months, I'll be using this monthly funding to restock supplies, materials, and any repairs.
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