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- Access to (the occasional) random little tunes I come up with throughout the day. -I eventually turn those into songs.

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- Behind the scenes access to my failed attempts/outtakes of videos.

More things coming!

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( YOU MUST BE ACTIVE FOR MIN. 1 MONTH) By purchasing this tier, you immediately help us record 1 FULL SONG for our upcoming album. Your name will go on the BACK OF THE CD as a FEATURED SPONSOR! You will also get a personal thank you video from Josie and I! 




I ask Josie questions...Your support allows us to continue making funny videos everyday for you on TikTok and make fun travel content too!
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This will cover all of our living expenses. We'll be able to completely focus 100% of our time on creating content on youtube/Tiktok/ other social media platforms for you guys! 
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