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About Donald Swan

Hi, I'm Donald Swan, Multi-Platform, Best-Selling Science Fiction Author.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m really stoked that you’re here! My fun Sci-Fi trilogy The Hyperspace Project has been on the best-seller lists of Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. And now I’m excited to have an opportunity to bring new Sci-Fi stories to you, as I write them! (I am currently writing 5 books at the same time.) I will also be posting material not available in the books, like images, special extra chapters, and other things.

All Patrons will also have access to my full hyperspace trilogy online and by download. (Kindle and epub versions.)

*Warning!* You could have access to unedited, early draft copies of my current work, so you may be confronted with embarrassing errors or misspellings from time to time! Above are some of the books I am currently working on, so you should have a variety to choose from.

So, What Do You Get?
Get content only available on Patreon, like:
  • Images
  • Extra Chapters
  • The Hyperspace Project Trilogy
  • All of my latest Sci-Fi stories as I write them! (I am currently writing 5 at the same time.)
  • Acknowledgement in the next book{s} I publish.
  • Your name in lights, umm...I mean ink, or umm...pixels!  I'll use your name for a character in one of my stories!
  • Fun stuff like letters from characters.
  • Even actual draft pages with handwritten notes and edits.
  • Downloads of finished books. (Kindle and epub)
  • Wallpapers and more!

Why Do You Charge For This?
Good question. Actually writing takes a load of time, dedication, focus, and coffee. Have you seen the price of coffee out here on the rim? No, seriously though. It is hard for a lot of authors to find time from their normal jobs to write. Any contribution helps me write more, which in return, hopefully gives you a little entertainment and makes you feel good too. I hope you'll join the journey with me. If you're not having fun, then you can cancel anytime you want, no hard feelings. -Don

You can find my published works here:
Hyperspace Project Website:

Blurb for upcoming Signs Of Life novel:
Following a rash of rover malfunctions, the crew of the Mars-Hab One expedition go mysteriously silent, and rescue team is sent to investigate. What they find uncovers a secret buried since before the dawn of human space exploration.
-Read it, as I write it!
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