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My name is John David Booter.

I am not a podcaster. I'm a filmmaker. I've never made a podcast. 
But I've also... Never made a film.

My podcast Done Disappeared is a true crime saga, in which I, John David Booter, search tirelessly for answers in the case of Clara Pockets, a Pennsylvania woman who disappeared in 1987. Throughout the eight episode odyssey of our first season, we uncover shocking new information that ultimately leads to answers in what had long been the coldest case in Davistown, Pennsylvania history.

The first season of our show was an unmitigated success. 
And now? Our second season is in full swing, as I, John David Booter, take on one of the most notorious closed cases in American history- and make it my duty to solve it again.

As Season 2 comes to a close in the coming weeks, we are setting our sights toward to the future. Our second season was funded entirely by the generosity of our listeners, and we were afforded a rare and deeply valuable opportunity to give this extremely personal project our full attention over the course of production. As the sands of time slip wistfully through the hourglass, we can’t be sure if we will ever be afforded such a gift again and we truly treasure the freedom and space that it afforded us.

We want to bring you more content, more episodes, and more podcasts. While we're currently putting the finishing touches on Season 2, we are also preparing to go into production on our first SPIN OFF podcast which we hope is the first of many.

Making Done Disappeared is a team effort with me John David Booter working in tandem with each other to keep the show as fresh and hip and terrifying as possible. We  spend countless hours every day toiling away on the podcast, chasing after the elusive specter of perfection that perpetually slips through one’s fingers time and time again as each futile pursuit becomes more fraught with the bitter remembrance of disappointments past.  But we do know that with your support, we can and will continue to produce impeccably crafted, high quality entertainment covering tragic but riveting stories that will change the way you look at your life and the way I. which you relate to other human beings.

This Patreon page is a gift to you, our listeners, to Clara Pockets, to Bevins Maroni and to me, John David Booter. Please help us continue to build and expand the world of Done Disappeared. Any donation is beyond our wildest dreams. We are humbled to know each of you. There is no caste system in the world of friendship and we love each of you fully, deeply and most of all equally. God bless Clara Pockets for changing my life. And God bless you all for becoming a part of it.

John David Booter

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