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is creating a better world with education, restoration, and programming.

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The natural world around us needs help, so I am doing what I can to help.  Here are some projects that I am currently working on: - HerpMapper is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to gather and share information about reptile and amphibian observations across the planet. Using HerpMapper, you can create records of your herp observations and keep them all in one place. In turn, your data is made available to HerpMapper Partners – groups who use your recorded observations for research, conservation, and preservation purposes. Your observations can make valuable contributions on the behalf of amphibians and reptiles. - A resource for leaning about the amphibians and reptiles of Iowa.  Users can see what species have been found in their county, and when those species were last observed.  Species are described in such a way that the general public can understand them.

Sand Ridge Restoration - Sand Prairies are a rare natural feature in Iowa, and dune-like areas are even more rare. Species that depend on them are declining due to habitat loss, not only from development, but also from cessation due to lack of natural fire.  I am working to restore a small sand ridge in Linn County, Iowa, that is a relic from a time when glaciers covered the land.  The sand ridge is home to the state endangered Ornate Box Turtle and Big-root Prickly Pear Cactus.  Restoration work includes removal of Staghorn Sumac, Cedar Trees, and other woody brush that are shading the sand, as well as tending to the cactus, and helping it thrive and spread to new areas that are opened on the ridge.

Public EducationMukluk and I visit schools and nature centers in my area, to expose children to snakes, and get people over their fear.  I also do various programs about amphibians and reptiles, primarily for Linn County Conservation, but also other counties in Iowa.

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