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Hello folks!

First of all, I would like to thank and welcome you to my Patreon page!
I am Don Giani and I make video guides and tutorials on this wonderful game called Don't Starve Together, developed by Klei. I simply love this game, I think you can notice it through my videos.

I started to write some guides on Steam with screenshots explaining a few mechanics I discovered in the game such as the Pig Skin farming with the Developer Graveyard. My objective was to only talk about tips and tricks that people didn't showcase on YouTube yet as I wanted to be original and not reproduce the same content than the other dudes. I respect all the DS/T YouTubers and I would never copy any existing content!

I realized after writing a few Steam guides that I could make videos instead as I have a little experience in editing. Started to post a few videos and then I created a series called Seven 7ips (tips) where I would give 7 tips about one thing  in Don't Starve Together. I posted the 7 Base Locations instead of Pig King video and people seemed to like it! After that video, everything started for me. The subscribers kept growing so I decided to spend more time on the editing, perform my english (this is not my native language, I am french), try to offer better content video after video and upload more frequently. I also created a Steam Group where I can discuss with my viewers and directly ask them for feedback. This is crucial for me to know what you guys think so I can improve my videos in terms of quality.

I am monetizing all my videos with ads right now but I have a dream : being only paid by the ones who love my videos! It would be amazing if I could totally remove the ads on my YouTube videos, that's my supreme objective.
I also have the project to start a Dedicated Server where we would play together, between all the Patrons! With your help, I would be able to slowly buy a new computer to be able to set a scheduled quality stream where I would play to Don't Starve Together with my viewers.
Feel free to check the 4 goals at the left!

I would like to thank all of you, for all your comments, likes, shares and feedback! You guys are the best, I swear. I read every comment and pay attention to each of your requests since the first video I made. I'm really surprised every time I check the number of subscribers in my channel, I will always be grateful for this, thanks a lot!

If you think my work is worth your money, be my patron! Let's make our project big and create a true DST community where the respect and griefers friendship will be honored. Join us!
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A special video will be released and I will start the giveaway : one dude between the 19 other patrons will have the chance to get an expensive DST skin!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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