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Jackmacdonalds.club doesn't like losers of any kind, nationality or race and particularly doesn't like YOU in lack of the three Ps: Passion, Patience and Perseverance.  

A.Without Passion you don't have Energy, without Energy you have nothing.
B.Without Patience you don't deserve the rewards of a strong faithful soul, without faith you have nothing.
C.Without Perseverance you can't build that strength and toughness to pull off the impossible deeds, without Perseverance you have nothing.

If You yourself or anyone around you EVER underestimated you, we can work on that. It's always good to be underestimated.

If you yourself EVER failed and/or went broke because you deeply followed something that turned out to be gutted we can work on that. God's will has a purpose, but we may not know it.

However jackmacdonalds.club refuses to work with YOU and in this particular circumstance rejects you as a patreon if you fall into the categories of dreamer and/or beleiver who has done nothing but dreamed and desired and talked about doing something and never actually done it.

Those who have a particular sense for talks are always to be found far away from those in sense of action. 

What makes the difference between the EVER Winners and and All Time looser is the ability to spot and smell opportunities making those investments, give them triple ROI.

Jackmacdonalds.club focuses on Capability, Honesty and Merit accepting as Patron only those who find themselves in possession of the three Ps of Success: Passion, Patience and Perseverance 

Ask yourself do I have...

A.Passion to be an Online Businessman!?

B.Patience to deserve the rewards of being an Online Businessman!?

C. Perseverance to  pull off those impossible deeds and being a self-made Online millionaire!? 

Well, if you do, jackmacdonalds.club Congratulates You since you've owned the right to be a patron of jackmacdonalds.club. The top ranked Patreon Creator that's creating New Online Entrepreneurs.
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