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    To start us off, and while I scratch my head and think about what I can do, that's really great, to thank my patrons - I'll record a little video, here and there, of my life of furry torment while I'm trying to write!

    I'll also put some of my short stories, essays and ponderings up.

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As time goes on, and if we move closer to my goal, I look forward to the following and more!

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(knock, knock) Hello.  Hello?  Testing, testing... 1, 2, 3.  Is this thing on?  

Oh, hi!  

I'm Donna, and I'm in the process of writing a children's novel!  Not just any children's novel; one with a message that's very close to my heart.  A story about a little girl with a BIG love of animals, and the furry and compassionate world she inhabits.  She happens to be a little vegan living in a little bubble.  And then her bubble bursts!  What will she learn; what will we learn?  Perhaps, that one little person can make a difference!  Spunky, kind, funny!  My kinda little one!  I'm so excited!

(WIP) Excerpt:
"Minnocent, though, was also a little mischievous. Sometimes she roamed too far, for too long, getting lost in the flowers that were as high as her head; sometimes she tried chopping stuff with a very sharp knife; sometimes she gave Turtle a bath in the loo. She often found herself in these and other situations, when her mommy would say, “Minnocent Merrymaker, you will make me lose my marbles!” Every time she said this, Minnocent always looked all over; under cupboards, in the garden, in her wardrobe - but she never found any lost marbles of any kind. Her Daddy always laughed, and told her not to worry, saying "Minnow, your Mommy lost her marbles long ago!""

My long-suffering brother, patron of my life and biggest cheerleader, first enlightened me to Patreon, and, because he's a smarty-pants, and I'd gotten a hitch in my gallop, I got here, post-haste!

The world is changing and morphing, and I hope we can continue moving towards kinder decisions and options, using kindness and humor to convey that message - and make animals and us all, collectively, happier and healthier.

A bit about me (and when I can summon the courage to get on video, I will!)  I'm Irish born and raised (proud Dub! - with a bit of a funny accent), living in Los Angeles, for many more years than I would like to mention. :)  I spend my time surrounded by what I refer to as my "Meownagerie" in my apartment, which is known as "Camp Cuckoo" (I'm their 24/365 servant, and they pay me zip!).  I've been heavily involved in animal rescue (mostly cats), with a few dogs into the bargain.  I have a bunch of my own animals, and a revolving door of foster kittens that are the bane and joy of my life.  Very fulfilling, with happy times, and sometimes sad.

I would like to concentrate on trying to fulfill my dreams of being a full time writer and animal rescuer (and keep feeding these beasties!) - with the ultimate goal of creating a sanctuary.  Maybe I'd call it "Camp Cuckoo"!

With Patreon and patrons, and while continuing with my children's novel, I would have time and stability to create fun videos, blog posts, short stories and memoirs (of all shapes and sizes) and perhaps live streams from rescues with kittens, and kitties galore!  I would love to have sneak peeks of my story's progression, updates on the highs and lows, Q&A, etc!  

Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to getting to know you all, and having you get a glimpse into my crazy mind, and furry, pet-hair-in-everything world!

Stay kind aligned!

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If and when (thank you!) I can spend my time writing, and not worry about feeding my animals, be able to rescue and foster more (they eat me out of house and home!), and keep our lives ticking over, I'll bring you behind the scenes - weekly - for a look into my life, how the book is going; answer questions on how our little vegan heroine is coming along, and introduce you to my Meownagerie of rescues and fosters (the nice - and NAUGHTY - ones!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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