is creating a celebration of diversity in comics, games, and pop culture.

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dorkaholics have been around since the dawn of time and found their place on the Internet in 2014. Today, we are fans of comic books, video games, and all of pop culture.

“We always wanted to belong, but never found a place that matched what we were about, and so we made our own place to belong.” – Neil Bui

dorkaholic noun \ˈdȯr-kə-ˈhȯ-lik\
a chronic disorder characterized by dependence on pop culture, repeated and/or excessive use of all things within this realm including, but not limited to, comics, film, gaming, TV and all things ‘dork.’ Development of withdrawal symptoms includes twitching, insomnia, headaches, the feels, constipation & heartache.


“A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.” – The Dark Knight Rises
Our mission is to show that a hero can be anyone. Superheroes and protagonists across all mediums tend to be white males, but we know the world is much more diverse.
As journalists, we want to highlight the creators, artists, writers, and people of diversity working to create compelling stories we live for. It takes people of different backgrounds to tell a truly new story and for this reason, we want to be actively giving these heroes our time and attention.
As storytellers, we want to craft the narratives that haven’t been told yet, the people the world hasn’t met yet, and the experiences that haven’t been seen yet. Through writing, photography, and video, we believe there is so much more to share with audiences worldwide.
As individuals, we want to bring our unique backgrounds to the foreground of pop culture and discuss how things can be better, what has been lacking in the past, and what the future could be.


Curiosity and Boldness.
To truly go above and beyond in our line of work, we must always maintain a curiosity for the truth, the unknown, and the wonder in life. Whether it’s investigating a new story, looking for a new angle to cover, or finding the reason a topic deserves reporting, a sense of curiosity will illuminate the path and guide us in our work.
In order to break new ground and build where nothing has existed before, a sense of boldness is required. Boldness asks us to act without hesitation, perform without feat, and to go beyond the norm. And with boldness comes the strength and resolve to achieve great things.


dorkaholics is known for delivering the stories our audiences want to know about diversity and pop culture. Our work consistently resonates in the hearts of fans looking to connect deeper with their favorite characters and engages with the minds of individuals eager to address the need for representation in the media.


Audentes Fortuna Juvat – “Fortune Favors the Bold”
Our team takes risks, learns quickly, and adapts to a constantly changing world.
We are not afraid of the unknown. We understand the limitations of what we know and what we can learn What works today may not work tomorrow, but regardless, we will continue to give the world more stories about heroes from different walks of life.
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