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Good evening distinguished guests, I'm your friendly neighbourhood weirdo, Nicholas Fox. A creator, ne'er-do-well of villainous aspiration, and all around dork. Oh yeah, and a student.

What are you working on?

My main focus, and the primary focus of this campaign, is City Witch Chronicles, a weekly slice of life comic about a witch in a new city, found family, new friendships, and more.

Tell me more.

CWC follows Kaye Mitchel, a new witch who just moved to a new town, and all of the sillyness that one can possibly get into. Book clubs with selkies? Check. Potlucking with vampires? You bet. New found best friends with a werewolf? Of course! All of that and so much more.

Okay, that sounds interesting. But, why a Patreon?

A Patreon campaign would allow me, more than anything else, to focus on this comic and any other projects that might come along in the future.

Thank you for your patronage!
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A New Home & Safe Storage
CWC is currently hosted on Tumblr and backed up with the limited storage I have available to me, which is generally fine, but I would love a little more security and stability. Meeting this goal, I can afford to pay for hosting on another site and, I have an extra safety net in the form of digital backups!
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