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Everyone will have access to my content, but patrons will be able to participate in a monthly poll to help me decide which games to cover and what type of coverage I do.

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Patrons at this level will be able to have more input behind the scenes.  In addition to participating in my monthly polls, you will have access to a special event twice per year where I give you details on my plans and allow you to give me input on improvements that you'd like to see me make, the types of content you'd like to see, and the games you want me to cover.

You'll be able to better shape the direction of the channel.

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About Dormouse03

Thanks for checking out my page and helping out (or at least considering it)!  I mainly create videos about video games, including walkthroughs, achievement/trophy guides, let's plays, and vlogs/podcasts about gaming-related topics.  I have also created a few blogs and text walkthroughs as well.  My goal is to make high-quality content for people to enjoy and to hopefully help them on their way to earning trophies and achievements.  

Helping me out by becoming a patron means that I am able to upgrade my content and keep it coming to you consistently.  I do not earn ad revenue from Youtube, and I do not have paid sponsors. This means that I get to give you ad-free content and am not pandering to sponsors.  This also means that all of the production costs come out of my own pocket.  Your patronage helps me keep doing what I'm doing as well as improving the content by allowing me to continue to upgrade my recording equipment, editing software, etc.

I appreciate your consideration!  I hope to keep entertaining and helping you out for many years to come!
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