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Thank you.

This is a nice way to contribute, to help me out, and to not break any bank.
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This is in lieu of a twitch subscription.

This is an awesome thing you have done, and I love you for it.
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Giggles are a thing in my world. We all need them, and you've provided. I dub thee Gigglechops!




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Hello! Hope you're well. 

I love games. I love gaming. I love the gaming community (seriously, you guys are awesome). Pledging here will help me focus time and money on generating content for you all. This can and will include more streams, work on podcasts, and some special one-offs that I'd like to produce. (This will also help with background costs, software, hardware etc. Streaming is one hell of a money sink unfortunately. /me drinks whiskey, stares - just stares into space)
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This doesn't change much - but it starts to take the pressure off me. 
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