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$1 is a great way to support me, there is no reward at this time I am probably working on videos as you read this message. I cannot thank you enough for the donation and will keep creating Dota 2 content for you!

Despite having said that, you may also send me a friend request on Steam and be accepted (Send me an email at [email protected] with your Patreon name!).




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About Daniel Le

Thank you for taking your time to visit my Patreon Page.
I am a Canadian Dota 2 content creator / player that is striving to grow the Dota 2 community and E-sports. I have been creating videos for about 3 years since Dota 2 Beta in 2011 and currently spend most of my time on the channel. I understand that people believe this is a hobby but I have a dream of turning it into a full-time job, I can dream!

Why should I help?
DoubleClickDota2 is only run by one person (Rakasan), myself, and I handle everything for the channel. Yes, that basically means I download, watch and create all the videos on DoubleClickDota2: Dota 2 Moments/Facepalms/Bonus for 14 hours per day (1PM-3AM EST).
I wish to receive funding to be able to create videos full-time. By having more patrons pledging it will motivate me to keep managing my YouTube channel with the same dedication I currently put in.

What do I get? Are there any perks? Any Goals?
Pledging $5, will allow you to watch all of my unlisted videos created for every new week. I'll give you the links for all the videos, every Sunday via Patreon Feed!

Goals include:
- Creating monthly tournaments with a combination of my own money and the pledged revenue
- Giveaways of Dota 2 items and in the future physical gear such as a mouse, keyboard and headset.
- Releasing more Dota 2 videos everyday and including weekends
- Streaming on Twitch (at this time, I currently have 6/1 Mbps internet [Canadians can sympathize]. When better internet is available I will stream)

$1 of $500 per month
Dota 2 Moments and Facepalm videos will be released everyday instead of every weekday.

Work on YouTube full-time. Increase the quality of videos (1440p +) and start streaming on Twitch (preferably when University is out of the way!).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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