Douglas Jr.

is creating music videos and video game commentary

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Not making content at the moment, zero motivation to do anything, mostly due to 2020 being the worst year imaginable. Finally got a job after many years of unemployment at the end of 2019. Had a goal in mind and that goal got stopped in it's tracks in late March 2020, with the announcement of South Africa's lockdown while initially promised to last for a fixed period of time, it now continues indefinitely. Falsely promised government relief efforts that have not materialised and the fact that I can't go back to work to achieve my goal has me broken mentally and left me hopeless. It's hard to be happy about anything. Every single day is just filled with bottled up frustration as I watch YouTube to keep my mind off of my problems and try my hardest to stay sane.
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With my audio quality at satisfactory levels. One thing I lack is good video footage. Once I reach this goal, I can upgrade from a phone camera to a decent entry-level DSLR camera. 
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