Douglas Jr.

is creating music videos and video game commentary
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About Douglas Jr.

There I was, a thirteen year old discovering what an amazing instrument the guitar is. I had fantasies on the road to school and back as I was with my thoughts. By 16 years old, I started learning to play by teaching myself the guitar using websites and videos at least 3 hours every day. I daydreamed of the big stages that I want to be on one day. Here I am, 10 years later after discovering the beauty of the guitar, now 23 years old, I haven't reached the big stages yet. Although I don't really want to be famous anymore, I still want to perform for people. But I've found these amazing websites like YouTube and Patreon.

I can finally slowly work towards my dream and YOU can help me fulfill it. I want to be a successful YouTuber/Musician and one day release my own original music. Hopefully, I can reach, through YouTube, many other people looking for something to inspire them into their own version of my dream.

I wanted to do a Patreon because I am 120% committed to music and I am willing to work my hardest to make quality videos.

I am very thankful to anyone who may have taken the time to watch my videos. I am eternally grateful.
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With my audio quality at satisfactory levels. One thing I lack is good video footage. Once I reach this goal, I can upgrade from a phone camera to a decent entry-level DSLR camera. 
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